“Don’t Step On My Blue Shoes (Or Else)” & “Stripes Forever”5/14/19

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted something new, but I have been busy and just hadn’t had the time to come up with new work till now, plus I had been working other things as well. So the first piece “Don’t Step On My Blue Shoes (Or Else)” is 10″ x 8″ and is a Relief Print. What I did was use a stencil to get the figures on the Lino Block. Then, I carved out each of the three subjects for this works. I used a Fluorescent Blue Water Soluble Ink for this piece and the other two I did. “Stars and Stripes” they are both 8″ x 5″, but these pieces I did on a Gel Plate with some Frog Tape to cover the areas I did not want to get inked up to get the effect that you see. I did the original then I did an Inverse, which inked the opposite areas that were covered from the original. Well I hope you enjoy them they are located on my Instagram page as well as on the website. The first pieces is under the Relief Work Tab and the other two are under Intaglio Work. So I hope to have more pieces posted in the future for you to enjoy.


“Accident On Purpose” & “On Purpose” 9/25/18

Added two new works to my website (on Intaglio Work page) and on my Instagram Page. They are both 8.50″ x 5.50″. I experimented with the Gel Plate and used Frog Tape to get the overlapping effect with the Green and Yellow. “Accident On Purpose” is the result of leaving the tape by accident with the Green, but left purposely for the Yellow to get the effect. “On Purpose” was the original effect I was going for when I worked on this piece. So I hope you enjoy these two pieces as much as I have in making them.

“Leaves And Eggshells” 9/18/18

I have added new work to the website and I hope to on my Instagram page as well. “Leaves And Eggshells” is similar to my “Blue Hammer” Print, except I did it on a Gel Plate whereas the”Blue Hammer” I did it on a hard piece of Acrylic Plastic. Another difference is with this print I placed actual leaves and eggshells on the Gel Plate where as the “Blue Hammer” I traced an image of a hammer on a piece of paper when transferring on the Acrylic Plate. This print is 8.50″ x 5.50″. This piece is located on my Intaglio Work page on the Website and will eventually be on my Instagram page. Hope you enjoy and I hope to post more work for you to view.


Update: 11:37 AM. Piece now posted onto my Instagram page. Enjoy.

“Ladybugs On Sunflower” 9/11/18

Sorry it’s been a while, but me posting today had to ironies. One, it has been exactly been two months since I lasted posted something new and two, today is the 17th Anniversary of 9/11. Now about this piece, I have been working on it for the past couple of weeks it is only now that I been making non-test prints that I am now posting it. The size of the composition is 10″ x 8″ and is up on my Relief Work page on the Website and on my Instagram Page as well. It took me a while to get the right colors and to where I wanted this to go, but it has been a very rewarding process and I believe it was worth the wait for all of you to see. So I hope you enjoy this piece as much I have been creating it.

“Geocentric Pattern #1” 7/11/18

Happy SevenEleven Day everyone. Just added two new pieces to my Website (on my Relief Work Page) and to my Instagram Page. At least the wait wasn’t as long on this piece compared to the last one. I went back to the Lino Block after doing my first Screen Print in a year and half. I hope you enjoy the two variations of the work which are both 11″ x 7″. I came up with the title as to when I looked the piece I saw a nice consistent pattern and that is the name that kept popping up in my mind. I also hope to keep posting more on a frequent basis it is just based on time and what I can do during that time.

“Skull And Bones” 6/27/18

Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything and it has been a long time since I have done any Screen Print work as well as Screen Printing is very time consuming and lately if I do any projects they been Relief Pieces. I have been busy and haven’t had much of a chance to work on any new projects until now. I would have posted yesterday had my laptop battery was low. So I hope you enjoy the two versions (Black And Red And Yellow). They are both 11″ x 8.50″ and are located on my Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects Page) And on my Instagram Page.

“Dahila Flower” 4/25/18

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been awhile since I’ve posted something new, but I have been busy and have not had a lot of time to do any new projects till now. With this project I wanted to experiment with Fabric Block Printing Ink on Paper before I worked on any Fabric (which in this case was Canvas). So overall I did three different variations (Red Over Yellow, Yellow Over Red, and Orange (which was a blend of Yellow and Red combined). I decided to do the Orange on the Canvas bag as it was my favorite of the three versions of the Flower. Compared to previous Relief Print Projects where I used Water Based Ink with these Prints I used Oil Based Inks, which I found interesting to work with. I went back to the traditional 7″ x 5″ Lino Block that I used on past projects over the stamp tool from the last two project I posed here on my Website and Instagram Page. The paper prints were done on 7″ x 6.50″ pieces of paper. Then on a Canvas Bag which was 9″ x 6″. I have posted the work on my Relief Work Page and I hope to have this up on my Instagram Page soon. So I hope you enjoy and that I can do more pieces similar to these in the future.


Update: 5:43 PM. Images of work now posted on my Instagram page to view.



Two Year Anniversary! 3/14/18

Again, sorry to be a little late with this but back on March. 3rd,  2016 I started this Website and my Instagram Page. So after two years and 120 pieces posted we are still going strong and I hope to keep posting new pieces here and on my Instagram. So once again happy 2nd Anniversary for this Website and Instagram Page.