Site Update! 4/29/18

Just added some more variation of my “Dahila Flower” on the website (on the Relief Page) and on my Instagram page. Enjoy.


“Dahila Flower” 4/25/18

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been awhile since I’ve posted something new, but I have been busy and have not had a lot of time to do any new projects till now. With this project I wanted to experiment with Fabric Block Printing Ink on Paper before I worked on any Fabric (which in this case was Canvas). So overall I did three different variations (Red Over Yellow, Yellow Over Red, and Orange (which was a blend of Yellow and Red combined). I decided to do the Orange on the Canvas bag as it was my favorite of the three versions of the Flower. Compared to previous Relief Print Projects where I used Water Based Ink with these Prints I used Oil Based Inks, which I found interesting to work with. I went back to the traditional 7″ x 5″ Lino Block that I used on past projects over the stamp tool from the last two project I posed here on my Website and Instagram Page. The paper prints were done on 7″ x 6.50″ pieces of paper. Then on a Canvas Bag which was 9″ x 6″. I have posted the work on my Relief Work Page and I hope to have this up on my Instagram Page soon. So I hope you enjoy and that I can do more pieces similar to these in the future.


Update: 5:43 PM. Images of work now posted on my Instagram page to view.



Two Year Anniversary! 3/14/18

Again, sorry to be a little late with this but back on March. 3rd,  2016 I started this Website and my Instagram Page. So after two years and 120 pieces posted we are still going strong and I hope to keep posting new pieces here and on my Instagram. So once again happy 2nd Anniversary for this Website and Instagram Page.

“Blue Maple Leaf” 3/14/18

Sorry for another long wait, but at least it is not as long as my previous post. I have just been busy and haven’t had the chance to do a new project and post it until today. So I used my new sample tool again for this one much as I did with the last one. As always it is posted here on the Website (on my Relief Work page) and on my Instagram page as well. I found this one was easier to do than the last one as I now had more experience with using the new printing tool and had more enjoyment as well in doing this one. This piece is slightly larger than the last one (2.50″ x 2″ vs. 2″ x 2″). So I hope you enjoy this one and I hope post more new piece as soon as I can.

“Sailboat” 2/21/18

Finally, I have added a new piece to my website and Instagram page. Sorry for the long way, but I have been busy with my new job and other things between the end of August till now. I was experimenting with a new tool that I used for this piece which was a Lino Cut Stamp Tool which uses small size Lino Cuts to make prints. It took a while to work with a small size piece, but it was an interesting process none the less. I learned from doing this piece that it is not the large piece that are hard to do, but the smaller ones due to the limitations of the size to work with. So I hope you enjoy and I hope to post pieces much sooner. One more thing, Happy New Year!

Resume Update! 9/1/17

I just updated my Resume on my Website, received Special Merit In the Painting & Other Media Category for for my “John Lennon (Colored In Version)”. Sorry it has been awhile since I posted something but I have been really busy these past couple weeks and will probably won’t any new artwork for awhile as well. The winning will be down below this post along with the link to the website to see it there. Hope everyone enjoys this and the Labor Day Weekend.

Update: 9:12 PM: I also updated my employment status on my LinkedIn Page that has been the main reason I been too busy to post new things here. Thank you.


"John Lennon (Colored In Version)", 2017, Relief Print, 12" x 9"
“John Lennon (Colored In Version)”, 2017, Relief Print, 12″ x 9″

“Snakes In A Bind” 8/11/17

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been over three weeks since I posted something new, but I have been away and had been doing other things. I finally worked on a new piece which is a Painting. I was inspired to do something based on a Andy Warhol Documentary I saw on HBO a few days ago called “Brillo 3 Cents Off”. The Painting does not relate to that, but I felt like doing something , but I wanted to do a Painting over printing something as I can lay out my idea more quickly while it is still fresh in my mind. It is abstract form of a Caduceus that you usually see near Hospitals. I painted the red and silver ( the brightness of the silver gives it a white look) first, then I painted the negative spaces remaining with purple along the outside then a yellow-orange color around the center of the painting. The shape of yellow-organs give it a Heart-shaped look to it connecting the Medical theme that I mentioned earlier. The Painting is 20″ x 16″ and  was done with Acrylic Paint like my previous one,  which can be viewed on the same pages as well. So I hope you enjoy this piece as I do not know when I will be posting again.

“Man In The Moon” 7/20/17

I just added some variations of a new piece on my Relief Work page here and on my Instagram page. The pieces are 9″ x 6″. I did various variations of the same piece to try different inking techniques. With the Colored In I covered it with the Purple first, then wiped the areas where the Moon and Stars were and covered it with Gray Ink. With the Blend In it was almost the same as the Colored In except I did not wipe any Ink off I just placed the Gray on top of the Purple to give it that look. With the Gray and Purple-Gray those were just one color. So I hope this gives you a better insight on how I completed this piece and try the various process. The two color variations were more difficult to do, but a more rewarding process. So this I probably going to it for awhile and might not post anything new again till at least next month. Till then enjoy.

“Argyle Arrangements” 7/12/17

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted something new and it might be awhile again till I do so again. The posting of these pieces took a while, but they are finally upon my Instagram page as well as here on the Website under the Relief Work Page. They are all 9″ x 12″, however, the Stage pieces were done on Watercolor Paper, whereas the Experimental Pieces were done on Unbleached Mulberry Paper, which is much thinner paper than the Watercolor Paper, which is thicker. I was experimenting first to see how the block pattern first with Black, then I did Orange, then I did a blend (which was Yellow and Turquoise, which gave the different variations of Dark and Light Greens.) I also did a few overlap pieces to dive how they would come out. So I put the five different variations up and I hope you will enjoy them all as much as I did when creating them .

“Tiger Heads” 6/29/17

Just wanted to post these last new pieces right before the Fourth of July as I don’t know when I will post anything new. So I hope you enjoy these two variants of this piece I worked on over the last couple of days. These are both Relief Print of 4.50″ x 6″ and cannot be located on the Relief Work page here and on Instagram. One is just Black and other is the blend of Red Yellow that gives it an Orange appearance to it when you see. I was experiment on trying to do blend with my Relief Work just as I did with my Snowflake Flowers that I posted on my Website last week. So enjoy this and the holiday weekend.