Site Update! 2/28/17

As I said last week that I would be posting new work up and I did. I just posted two versions of “BAD TO THE BONE!” on my Screen Print (Animals & Objects) Page as well as my Instagram page. It is 12″ x 9″ on Watercolor paper. Although for this project it was done on Hot-Press whereas the previous two projects were done on Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper. Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy these two piece of work. Thank you.


Site Update! 2/24/17

I just made minor grammatical changes on some of my pages of the website. Stuff you may notice, but I noticed when I was submitting things for an art competition. I hope to post some new work within the next couple of weeks. That all for now hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Update: Here is the link for the art competition that I entered (deadline is today). Sorry for the short notice, but I just entered my work today myself.





Site Update! 2/15/17

Sorry it has been a while just have not had the chance to post something new till I created some new things and here they finally are. One of them is a Screen Print of a Turtle located on the Animals & Objects page under Screenprinting. It is 14″ x 10″ done on Watercolor Paper, which has surprisingly done well compared to the paper I had been using prior to the start of this year.Also this paper comes in a pad and there is now paper cutting involved unlike the paper I had been using. The brand is Canson’s and the size of the paper is 14″ x 10″ and you get 12 sheets per pack which I usually do editions of 12 when I do my work. Also have a new piece on the other work page called “A Gift From Me To You!”, ¬†which is a piece done with Water-Downed Gouache on Illustration Board and is 10″ x 10″. Also posted these pieces on my Instagram Page. Please enjoy on either site and tell me what you think. Thank you.