“White Blocks, Purple Towel, & Green Tarp” 8/29/16

Posted a new painting on my website’s Paintings Page and my Instagram page. I just did the painting last week. It is a random composition of items that were around in my house and I painted them. It is Oil On Canvas and is 16″ x 20″. Enjoy.


“Mona Lisa (Don’t Smile)” 8/25/16

Finally uploaded a new piece to my Screen Print Work (Portraits) Page. Also located on my Instagram Page. This was the first chance I got work on a new project because as I mentioned earlier my work area was too hot to work in. The size of the work is 11″ x 10″. Enjoy.

Update: 8/29/16: Changed title of composition. Felt it fit the piece better than the current one.



Site Update! 8/21/16

Updated the title of some of my pieces on the print work pages and on Instagram page. I retitled them for a competition (online) I submitted them in and it was theme based (Seasons). Sorry there has not been any new work just because of the hot weather. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you.

To submit of this particular competition I posted the link below. Deadline is this Saturday August 27th.


“Pyramid (Aerial View)” 8/2/16

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new in a awhile. I have been busy by being away and also with the host weather cannot work (room I do my print work does not have A.C.). I am posting this piece that I did back in May, but was contemplating whether to share it or not. I looked at it again this past weekend and decided to post on my Website on the (Other Work) Page and my  Instagram Page. The piece is 7.50″ x 10″ done with Watered-Down Gouache on Illustration Board. Hope you enjoy and I hope to post new work up in the near future. Thank you.