“Tri-Color Horses” 9/16/16

Sorry it has been a while since I added something new been busy over the last two weeks. Just completed these pieces today. Added two new pieces to my Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Pages as well as my Instagram Page. The two pieces are both 10″ x 11″. They are two variations of the same Horse. One is Yellow & Red and the other is Red & Blue. Please tell me which of the two Horses that you like better. Thank you and enjoy.


“Overlap Hibiscus” 9/2/16

Just added a new piece to my Website on the Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page and my Instagram Page. Is 10″ x 11″. Wanted to go back to something basic and this piece reminds me of the Overlap Flower that I did last year, which is also on the same page this piece is on as well as Instagram Page as well. Hope you enjoy. Thank you and enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend.

Resume Update 9/1/16

Made another update to my Resume, will also be updated on LinkedIn Page as well. Won special recognition for the lightspacetime.com’s Seasonal Exhibition with my “Snowflake Pattern” (pictured below). That piece is located on my Screen Work Page (Animals & Objects) as well as my Instagram Page.

Here is the link to the page:  www/lightspacetime.com/seasons-2016-online-art-exhibition-painting-category/

Snowflake Pattern copy
“Snowflake Pattern”, 2015, Silkscreen Print, 13″ x 9.25″