“The Eggcentric Worlds” 3/31/17

Just added three different versions  (Yellow, Blue, & Abstract) of a new piece that I just worked on this week. I am counting to work with Relief Printing and have found it to be more creative and an easier process then with the Screen Printing work that I have been doing. Both are time consuming, but Relief Printing there is not as much down time as there is with Screen Printing. I used a bigger block for this project which was 10″ x 8″, twice the size of the previous project I posted back on Tuesday, which was just 5″ x 4″. I stuck using the Water Soluble Inks, which dry much faster then the Oil Based Ink that I used in my past Relief Project. The prints themselves are 12″ x 9″ on Watercolor Paper. I have posted the pieces on my website on Relief Work page, but have not been abel to post them on my Instagram Page. Hope to do so momentary. Hope you enjoy these work as I have creating. Hope everybody enjoy’s the weekend and I hope to post more work on my Website and Instagram page soon.


Update: 11:51 AM: The pictures of the work are now posted on Instagram. Enjoy.


“Red Rose” 3/28/17

As I said in my post last week that I would be focus doing a different format of printing I have done so now with the this new print of a Red Rose. It is a Relief Print that is 5″ x 4″. This print is different from my other Relief Print in at least two ways. One, this done on a Linocut Block, whereas my other Relief Prints were done all on Wood Blocks. Second, I used Water-based Inks for this print, whereas the other Relief Prints I used Oil-based Inks. So this print is located under my Relief Work Page on the Website and on my Instagram page. I hope to have some other pieces done in the near future. Enjoy.

“Mini Prints” 3/22/17

I have added two new pieces to my Instagram and my website under the Screen Print Work (Animal & Objects) Page. One is a Blue Monkey that is 4″ x 3″ the other is a Red Lion 3″ x 4″. These works have been done on similar paper that I have done my last few projects on. This will probably be my last Screen Print Works for a while. I am considering on doing other kind of Print Work in the future. Hope you enjoy these pieces of work.

“Star Flower” 3/8/17

Just posted a new piece of work on the eve of the one year anniversary of starting my Instagram page. This piece makes it 80 posts on the site as well. The piece is 9″ x 12″ done on Watercolor Paper, but I used a different brand of Watercolor Paper than I did with my previous works that I completed over the last month or so. Hope you enjoy this piece, which you can view on my Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) page as well as my Instagram Page.

One Year Anniversary! 3/3/17

I just wanted to mention that today marks one year since I started this blog. So far 79 pieces of artwork have been posted on both this site and my Instagram page, which the one year anniversary will be on March 9th. I hope to have more artwork posted here and on my Instagram page in the near future. I also want to thank those that have taken to time to view this website and my Instagram and have posted comments, I really appreciate that. That’s it for now enjoy the weekend.

Resume Update! 3/1/17

Updated my Resume on the Website.  Receive “Special Merit” Award for the  “Abstract” Competition that I mentioned that I entered last Friday the 24th. The winning piece was “The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds (Abstracted)”. I will post the link below to see all the winners in that category as well as the winning piece itself. Hope you enjoy. I also wanted to note that this Friday March 3rd will be one year since I started my Website and March 9th will be one year since I started my Instagram for those who wanted to know those sort of things. Thank you to all those that have viewed my work on my website and Instagram Page. I really appreciate it. I finally also wanted to note that I also update my linkedin page slightly as well.


The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds (Abstracted) copy
“The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds (Abstracted ) “, 2016, Relief Print, 11 ” x 15″