“Pollock Number 3 (A Black, White, & Gray Affair)” 7/16/16

I am also posting a new Painting on the Paintings page on my Website and will also be posted on my Instagram Page. The size of the painting is 20″ x 16″ and done with Oil Paint on a Cotton Canvas. Title is reference to a Black and White Affair, but some of my painting turned Gray so that is why there is also a reference to Gray as well. Enjoy.


“Dark Shadows” 7/16/16

Did a new piece to pay homage to the 1966-1971 Daytime Drama. Completed it yesterday. It is 10″ x 11″. It is located on the Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page. Also it is located on my Instagram page. Enjoy. More work is on the way.

“Little Green Pumpkin” 7/12/16

Just added a new piece on the Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page. It is 10″ x 11″. It is based off another photograph that I took  of a Green Pumpkin that was growing outside my House about 2 years ago. You can also view it on my Instagram page. Hope you enjoy this piece.



“Little Red Wagon” 7/7/16

Added a new piece to Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page. Is based off a photograph that I took of Wagon outside in Clinton, NJ. I liked the photograph and I wanted to base my new project on a piece of work that I had done previously . Similar to my piece “Sculpture On New York City Street”. The piece is 10″ x 11″. You can also view it on my Instagram Page. Hope you enjoy.



Resume Update! 7/1/16

Updated my Resume. Enter into another Art Competition which was the lightspacetime.com 6th Annual Figurative Competition and received Special Recognition. Will also be updated on LinkedIn page.


Here is the link: www.lightspacetime.com/figurative-2016-art-exhibition-painting-category/

This is the piece below is also located on Screen Work (Portraits) Page and on Instagram page.

Marilyn Monroe copy
“Marilyn Monroe”, 2015, Silkscreen Print, 12.50” x 8.75”