“Yellow Fish, Blue Fish” 6/30/16

Added a new piece to the Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page. It is 10″ x 11″. Hope you enjoy it and the Fourth of July Weekend.


“Thomas Jefferson’s” 6/27/16

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted work. I had to get a new Photoflood Bulb as the one I had blew out last week. So I could not create any new artwork till I got a new bulb.  So now that I have the new bulb I can get back to creating new artwork to post. Today has been 16 years since I have moved to where I currently live now. I’ve added  two new pieces to the Blog and the Instagram page which are two different versions of Thomas Jefferson in time for next week’s celebration of Independence Day (Fourth of July). One’s a typical portrait and the other is an abstracted version. I used the greenish color to give it that “currency feel” to the work that I wanted it to have.They are both 11″ x 10″ and both are located on the Screen-print Work (Portraits) Page. Well I hope you enjoy. Thank you.



“Leaf And Embroidery Pattern” 6/7/16

I just uploaded two new prints which are two versions of the same print. The other is an abstracted version of the first. I completed this print on a screen printing kit that I bought.   Image is 11″ x 10″ it can be view on the Silkscreen (Animals & Objects Page) as well as on my Instagram page. Took a awhile to get this one together. Enjoy!

Site Update! 6/6/16

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new in awhile been very busy trying to complete new projects. Hope to add more soon. Added a new image of one of my painting (“Pollock Number 2”) to my paintings page on the website also on my Instagram page. Enjoy!