Artist Statement

­­Gregory James Kashmer

Artist Statement:

In looking at my Printmaking pieces I observed many qualities. My work has been described as being straightforward and self-contained. These statements in my opinion are true; the work is almost contained in an invisible box and placed within a certain area. There is a desire for the work to be neat and organized. There is not as much pleasure if my work were to bleed off the page.

The use of color is an important aspect that goes into work I created. That is what particularly makes the artwork very fascinating. An example of a technique during my studies with printmaking is transparency when there is overlap of one color over another, this creates a third color such as blue over yellow making green. The printing process is fascinating between what you think you are creating and what does actually appear in the print. Another fascination in printing with multiple colors is when you overlap one color over another. They blend and in a sense you now have three colors by just using two different color inks.

There is more fluidity in doing printing with the Silkscreen, as there are not as many restrictions as there are with other forms of printmaking. I do tend restrict my subject within the size of paper I am working with. The main limitations in these other printing techniques are lines by means of engraving. No lines, no subject matter printed when it is time to put the plate through the press. The result is due to the fact that ink does not get absorbed into the engravings into the plate Lines in these types of prints gives there uniqueness to each given work. You can work with more then one color, but you have to take away more surface area to add more color, which with the Silkscreen technique that does not occur because you are just adding colors not taking away anything.

Having asked others who have seen my work, they said it is like “A Stop sign”, or “Welcome on a door mat”. The art grabs the attention of the observers, which grabs their attention to lead them to view my work and respond to it. Each piece can be seen so many times, however each time there is something new to respond to in each of the pieces. Besides doing pieces that I take an interest in, it is what others will think and respond to what is important to me when creating my works.