Resume Update! 9/1/17

I just updated my Resume on my Website, received Special Merit In the Painting & Other Media Category for for my “John Lennon (Colored In Version)”. Sorry it has been awhile since I posted something but I have been really busy these past couple weeks and will probably won’t any new artwork for awhile as well. The winning will be down below this post along with the link to the website to see it there. Hope everyone enjoys this and the Labor Day Weekend.

Update: 9:12 PM: I also updated my employment status on my LinkedIn Page that has been the main reason I been too busy to post new things here. Thank you.


"John Lennon (Colored In Version)", 2017, Relief Print, 12" x 9"
“John Lennon (Colored In Version)”, 2017, Relief Print, 12″ x 9″

Resume Update! 6/2/17

I just updated my Resume and rearrange some of the list on it as well. I received special recognition on two pieces from the Art Competition I mentioned on my site last Saturday. Below is the link and the two pieces that received recognition you can view here on, there website, and on my Instagram page. I also wanted to point out that I am posting this from my laptop instead of my iPhone the Website is finally functioning again. Ok thank you and enjoy as it might be awhile before I post something new.

Update: I also added captions to all previous artwork that received recognition from art competitions as well. To views the captions on this post just place the mouse click the images and move the mouse over each piece caption is underneath. Just to let all website viewers know.


“Update!” 5/16/17

Was finally able to post my “Key Lime Recipe” piece that I posted under my Digital Design Work Page from a little over a year ago (5/13/16 for blog post of the piece). So now you can view it on Instagram as well. This is post #101. Thank you and sorry for the long delay.

One Year Anniversary! 3/3/17

I just wanted to mention that today marks one year since I started this blog. So far 79 pieces of artwork have been posted on both this site and my Instagram page, which the one year anniversary will be on March 9th. I hope to have more artwork posted here and on my Instagram page in the near future. I also want to thank those that have taken to time to view this website and my Instagram and have posted comments, I really appreciate that. That’s it for now enjoy the weekend.

Resume Update! 3/1/17

Updated my Resume on the Website.  Receive “Special Merit” Award for the  “Abstract” Competition that I mentioned that I entered last Friday the 24th. The winning piece was “The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds (Abstracted)”. I will post the link below to see all the winners in that category as well as the winning piece itself. Hope you enjoy. I also wanted to note that this Friday March 3rd will be one year since I started my Website and March 9th will be one year since I started my Instagram for those who wanted to know those sort of things. Thank you to all those that have viewed my work on my website and Instagram Page. I really appreciate it. I finally also wanted to note that I also update my linkedin page slightly as well.

The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds (Abstracted) copy
“The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds (Abstracted ) “, 2016, Relief Print, 11 ” x 15″

Site Update! 2/28/17

As I said last week that I would be posting new work up and I did. I just posted two versions of “BAD TO THE BONE!” on my Screen Print (Animals & Objects) Page as well as my Instagram page. It is 12″ x 9″ on Watercolor paper. Although for this project it was done on Hot-Press whereas the previous two projects were done on Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper. Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy these two piece of work. Thank you.

Site Update! 2/24/17

I just made minor grammatical changes on some of my pages of the website. Stuff you may notice, but I noticed when I was submitting things for an art competition. I hope to post some new work within the next couple of weeks. That all for now hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Update: Here is the link for the art competition that I entered (deadline is today). Sorry for the short notice, but I just entered my work today myself.





Site Update! 2/15/17

Sorry it has been a while just have not had the chance to post something new till I created some new things and here they finally are. One of them is a Screen Print of a Turtle located on the Animals & Objects page under Screenprinting. It is 14″ x 10″ done on Watercolor Paper, which has surprisingly done well compared to the paper I had been using prior to the start of this year.Also this paper comes in a pad and there is now paper cutting involved unlike the paper I had been using. The brand is Canson’s and the size of the paper is 14″ x 10″ and you get 12 sheets per pack which I usually do editions of 12 when I do my work. Also have a new piece on the other work page called “A Gift From Me To You!”,  which is a piece done with Water-Downed Gouache on Illustration Board and is 10″ x 10″. Also posted these pieces on my Instagram Page. Please enjoy on either site and tell me what you think. Thank you.

Resume Update 10/3/16

Sorry, I haven’t done any new art work in couple of weeks have been busy or have had the time to buy more supplies. But, I have updated my resume today located here and on Won Special Merit in Won with my “Overlap Hibiscus” piece located on Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page. I will post the link below to view on the website as well as the piece mentioned here.


Overlap Hibiscus
“Overlap Hibiscus”, 2016, Silkscreen Print, 10″ x 11″