“Man In The Moon” 7/20/17

I just added some variations of a new piece on my Relief Work page here and on my Instagram page. The pieces are 9″ x 6″. I did various variations of the same piece to try different inking techniques. With the Colored In I covered it with the Purple first, then wiped the areas where the Moon and Stars were and covered it with Gray Ink. With the Blend In it was almost the same as the Colored In except I did not wipe any Ink off I just placed the Gray on top of the Purple to give it that look. With the Gray and Purple-Gray those were just one color. So I hope this gives you a better insight on how I completed this piece and try the various process. The two color variations were more difficult to do, but a more rewarding process. So this I probably going to it for awhile and might not post anything new again till at least next month. Till then enjoy.


“Argyle Arrangements” 7/12/17

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted something new and it might be awhile again till I do so again. The posting of these pieces took a while, but they are finally upon my Instagram page as well as here on the Website under the Relief Work Page. They are all 9″ x 12″, however, the Stage pieces were done on Watercolor Paper, whereas the Experimental Pieces were done on Unbleached Mulberry Paper, which is much thinner paper than the Watercolor Paper, which is thicker. I was experimenting first to see how the block pattern first with Black, then I did Orange, then I did a blend (which was Yellow and Turquoise, which gave the different variations of Dark and Light Greens.) I also did a few overlap pieces to dive how they would come out. So I put the five different variations up and I hope you will enjoy them all as much as I did when creating them .

“Tiger Heads” 6/29/17

Just wanted to post these last new pieces right before the Fourth of July as I don’t know when I will post anything new. So I hope you enjoy these two variants of this piece I worked on over the last couple of days. These are both Relief Print of 4.50″ x 6″ and cannot be located on the Relief Work page here and on Instagram. One is just Black and other is the blend of Red Yellow that gives it an Orange appearance to it when you see. I was experiment on trying to do blend with my Relief Work just as I did with my Snowflake Flowers that I posted on my Website last week. So enjoy this and the holiday weekend.

“An Arm’s Race” 6/24/17

I  am just posting a new painting that I completed a few days ago. It is 20″ x 16″ and I used Acrylic Painting over Oil on this one as I wanted to experiment with the Acrylic Painting. This will also be posted on my Instagram page as well as here on the Pantings here. Thank you and enjoy.

“Snowflake Flower Patterns” 6/21/17

Happy summer everyone on the longest day of the year. Sorry it has been a while since I have posted something I had to get supplies and time to come up with something new. Here it is. I posted this work a little differently then my past work mainly because of the size of the work being a smaller size (6″ x 4.5″) and the fact I felt it redundant to post each one individually I did a group shot of the variations I did with this piece. There are four different variations (Teal, Purple, Blend, & Blue). You can view this on my Relief Work Page and on my Instagram Page as well. I hope to have more work posted here soon. Thank you and enjoy.

Resume Update! 6/2/17

I just updated my Resume and rearrange some of the list on it as well. I received special recognition on two pieces from the Art Competition I mentioned on my site last Saturday. Below is the link and the two pieces that received recognition you can view here on, there website, and on my Instagram page. I also wanted to point out that I am posting this from my laptop instead of my iPhone the Website is finally functioning again. Ok thank you and enjoy as it might be awhile before I post something new.

Update: I also added captions to all previous artwork that received recognition from art competitions as well. To views the captions on this post just place the mouse click the images and move the mouse over each piece caption is underneath. Just to let all website viewers know.



“The Stooges” 5/25/17

This is a new piece that I just started yesterday. I believe this is the first time that I have poster on the website and Instagram three consecutive days. This piece is located on my Relief Work page here on the website and on my Instagram (post #104 for those who are counting). It is 9″ x 12″. For those wondering why the words look cut off I reused a piece of Lino (the back side of the John Lennon piece). Parts the Lino are very brittle and break easily so I did not have much too work with but the still looks good none the less. So it might be a while till I make a new piece out of Lino. So I hope you enjoy this piece and the long Memorial Day Weekend.

“Copper & Orange Sun” 5/24/17

As I said in yesterday’s post that I would be adding a variant of this piece and it is not posted in the same places as yesterday’s piece is. This piece is almost the same except I did a second layer of copper around the sun’s rays. This is post 103 on Instagram. This is my second post here via IPhone. Ok thank you and enjoy.

“Orange Sun” 5/23/17

Just posted a new piece on my Relief Work page here and on my Instagram Page. It is 9″ x 6″. This is post 102 on Instagram. Plan on posting another variation of this piece in the near future. I am typing this post from my IPhone as I am having trouble posting this from my Laptop. So thank and enjoy the new artwork.