Notice! 3/30/16

I added some new pictures of my work on my website here as well as my Instagram page (@gregorykashmer). Hope you enjoy seeing the work as I have in creating it!




“The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds (Abstracted)” 3/30/16

This is an abstracted version of “The Orbiting Of Four Newer Worlds” located in the My Print Work tab on the top of my home page. Abstracted in a similar way of the original “The Orbiting Of Four Worlds”. This is a Relief Print as well. The dimensions is 11″ x 15″. Done this year (2016). Hope you enjoy!

Update: 4/21/16: Work now located on Relief Work Page.


Site Update! 3/26/16

Just added a new tab for my digital design work. So far just one piece. Unfortunately you can only view it on the website as I could not get it to upload on Instagram. Thank you and hope everyone have a Happy Easter tommorow.


Update: As of 9:20 pm image now on Instagram.


Notice! 3/24/16

Sorry for changing so much of the website just over the last hour. I was moving some of my posts to there own separate menus. I did so that my blog my blog is not just one long page. So my resume, artists statement, my print work, and paintings are located on there own separate pages on the site (look near the right hand corner to find them). I also added a page with a brief bio about myself with just some basics. Hope this clears up any confusion. Thank you!

“The Orbiting Of Four Worlds (Abstracted)” 3/23/16

I just completed most recently an abstracted version of a print that I had done earlier. This version incorporated two serrated wood blocks that were coated each with a different colors (blue and green in this case) I put the paper in war for about 20 seconds then ran it through the press twice (first the wood block coated with  blue ink then the  wood block coated in green ink) to get the final result shown here. The size of this print is 15″ x 11″. Hope you enjoy!

Update: 4/21/16: Work now located on Relief Work Page.


Silver Point Drawing! 3/9/16

This is a silver point drawing that I completed in 2013 called “Tragedy” The title comes from smoke from images that were taken on 9/11. The piece was drawn based on a collage I composed for this project. The dimensions are 17.50″ x 24″. I covered the Illustration with 8 coats of Gesso to give the board a smooth finish before drawing with a piece of silver I bought from a Jeweler. By drawing over 100 individual 1″ x 1″ boxes for the composition and drawing the whole piece square by square. It was a very fascinating process and I hope you enjoy viewing the work. Thank you.

Update: 4/21/16: Work located on Other Work Page.