Curriculum Vitae


­­Gregory James Kashmer

Curriculum Vitae:

     The idea of what my career path was going to be has changed drastically over the past year. I have decided to engage in Printmaking. There is an enjoyment working in the studio and creating new pieces to show onlookers, family, and friends. My work has creativity as this aspect of the art is more diverse. Another reason was the desire to learn Silk-screening. I found the process interesting and there is the prospect for employment by learning this skill.

The professors that I had for my Printmaking courses have been helpful and insightful as to how to master the techniques. They have also commented on the attention-grabbing pieces that I have created. The preference is for my work to remain confined within the area of paper to which it is designated. I dislike having the work bleed off the page. Organization is important to me, whereas other artists may prefer having their work be abstract. Art admirers have really enjoyed my work and found it stimulating.

Printmaking has been an eye-opener for me as to seeing and experiencing art in a different way that I had never thought possible. It is a combination of painting, drawing, and design, which makes it fascinating and more enjoyable than I originally imagined.

So to conclude, it is important to have a career that I have pleasure in doing. From this form of art I have learned new techniques that can be applied to this trade each and every day. I feel there is a future for me in Printmaking which will be a pleasant experience. There’s never a dull moment, it is exciting to work with the inks and the presses. That is how I became a Printmaker and how it has changed me as an artist.