“Dixon (Daryl)” 4/27/16

As I mentioned in a post last week that I would post another “The Walking Dead” print on the blog. It is located in the Relief Work page on the site. It is a four color print and is 15″ x 11″. So take a look.


Site Update! 4/24/16

Updated my T-Shirt Pictures on the respective page as well as on Instagram. Also updated my Curriculum Vitae I put up my most recent version.

Site Update! 4/22/16

Revised my Curriculum Vitae page, made just minor adjustments. Some other areas of the site may experience change so do not be alarmed. Thank you.

Update: 2:30 PM: Made it much more easier to navigate through blogs on home page now categorized posts in different categories seen on right side of home page just to let you know.

Update: 2:33 PM: Also added a few details to About page.


Site Update! 4/21/16

I edited one of the titles at the bottom of my Print Work page. I changed it to the title I have of the same piece on my Instagram page. The piece was “The Orbiting of Four Worlds”. Just to let those know who notice any difference of the title on the website from that of Instagram.

Update: 5:48 PM: Major change to website page, moved all images of work to separate pages. Sorry for the changes need to organize the website more. Hope this makes it easier to view my Blog. Thank you.

“The Walking Dead” 4/20/16

This print I did is based from the AMC show “The Walking Dead”, I felt like doing a basic Silhoutte of the main character Rick Grimes with a nice yellow background with a nice basic  contrast of black and yellow. This is a Relief Print that is 11″ x 15″.  Stay tune for another print based from “The Walking Dead” probably by next week. Thank you, I hope you like this piece.

Update: 4/21/16: Work now located on Relief Work Page.

“Delaware Blue Hen” 4/13/16

The idea for this Print came from another project I did where I made a deck of playing cards using State Birds. I enjoyed  this bird so much I made a print of the bird. This Relief Print was an 8 step process by the fact 8 different colors were used in making this print. Was more difficult to work with the more I reduced the wood block using less ink each time, hence the splatter of different colors located on the print. The eyes and the beak I painted the ink on with a paintbrush as it was too tiny and intricate to place and run through the press. The size of the print is 15″ x 11″. Hope you enjoy!

Update: 4/21/16: Work now located on Relief Work Page.