“Eggcentric Worlds” (More Variations) 4/13/17

Just completed two more versions of the “Eggcentric Worlds” just in time for Easter Holiday weekend. One is just a plain Green Version and the other had an overlap of another print that I had done recently “Checks & Balances”. Both are 12″ x 9″ and both are located on the Relief Work page on the website and my Instagram page. I wanted to do the overlap one just to see how it would come out, but when I saw the green alone I  had great pleasure and please with the color so I posted a plain version of the non-overlap work as well. So this maybe might last post  for a while. I am just five posts away on my Instagram page to 100 posts total. So I hope that everyone that comes and view this work has Good Friday and a Good Easter Sunday as well and that I can post some new stuff within the next couple of weeks. So with that enjoy.


“Royal Flush” 4/11/17

Just did another Relief Print which has two versions (Silver and Color). They are both 9″ x 12″. This piece was a learning process for me in that it was very complicated to do pieces with three colors over two as you need to be careful with not smearing the colors together. It is definitely more easier to do so with two colors than with three. If I were to do more colors I would rather do it with a bigger size lino-block than with a smaller room as more surface area to work with and the less likely of color blurring together. Plus I was using a lino-block which was double sided (that is a block that in not mounted to a block of wood as to the smaller pieces that I did such as the Hummingbird and the Rose I did the last few weeks.  This knowledge I have picked up from this project I will use when considering doing another project in the future. Besides the Website on the Relief Work Page you can also view the pieces on my Instagram page. I only seven posts away from having a 100 posts on my Instagram page. So I hope you enjoy these pieces of work.

“Hummingbird & Flower (Detailed Version)” 4/7/17

Just did a more detailed that is more engraving into the Lino Block. I stuck with two main colors for this one red and green and just went in with a brush for the beak and eye where I used orange and black respectively. This piece is also 9″ x 6″ and used pretty much the same materials. This piece is located on my Relief Work page on my website and on my Instagram page as well. Hope you enjoy this piece and the weekend as well.

“Hummingbird & Flower” 4/5/17

I just added a new piece to my website on my Relief Work Page and  on my Instagram page. This piece is 9″ x 6″ and done with a Lino Block that is 7″ x 5″. This piece had been of a piece by piece where I just rolled the ink onto the flower part and painted the ink on to the rest of the part of the Lino Block since the image is so small that the roller would not have worked with my idea for this piece. I was able to do this piece so quick because of it’s smaller size compared to the last few Relief Work pieces that I have done. However, I did use the same kind of inks that I have been using, which are Water-based Inks. I also wanted to note that this is my 90th piece of work that I have posted on my Instagram page. So I am only 10 pieces away till there be 100 posts on my Instagram page. So I hope you enjoy this piece.

“Checks & Balances” 4/4/17

Add 3 different variations (Orange, Purple, & Abstracted) of a new piece I call “Checks & Balances”. This is another piece that is 12″ x 9″ just like the ones I posted last week. But, I have to admit I like these new ones better than the ones I just did. It just grabs my attention and the colors are more vibrant for this particular project. Besides on my Relief Print on my Website you can also view these pieces on my Instagram page as well. Hopefully I can posted some other new projects soon. Hope you enjoy the new pieces that I have just posted.