“Star Flower” 3/8/17

Just posted a new piece of work on the eve of the one year anniversary of starting my Instagram page. This piece makes it 80 posts on the site as well. The piece is 9″ x 12″ done on Watercolor Paper, but I used a different brand of Watercolor Paper than I did with my previous works that I completed over the last month or so. Hope you enjoy this piece, which you can view on my Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) page as well as my Instagram Page.


“Support Your Troops” 1/5/17

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry it has been ages since I had posted something new I just been busy and have not had the chance or the supplies to do something new till now. This is another Silkscreen piece which can be viewed on the Portrait Page. It is 14″ x 10″ and is done on Watercolor Paper, which different than the paper I had been using in the past. I will be also posting this on my Instagram Page. Hope you enjoy. Thank you.

“Overlap Hibiscus” 9/2/16

Just added a new piece to my Website on the Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page and my Instagram Page. Is 10″ x 11″. Wanted to go back to something basic and this piece reminds me of the Overlap Flower that I did last year, which is also on the same page this piece is on as well as Instagram Page as well. Hope you enjoy. Thank you and enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend.

“Little Green Pumpkin” 7/12/16

Just added a new piece on the Screen Print Work (Animals & Objects) Page. It is 10″ x 11″. It is based off another photograph that I took ¬†of a Green Pumpkin that was growing outside my House about 2 years ago. You can also view it on my Instagram page. Hope you enjoy this piece.



Notice! 3/24/16

Sorry for changing so much of the website just over the last hour. I was moving some of my posts to there own separate menus. I did so that my blog my blog is not just one long page. So my resume, artists statement, my print work, and paintings are located on there own separate pages on the site (look near the right hand corner to find them). I also added a page with a brief bio about myself with just some basics. Hope this clears up any confusion. Thank you!