“Snakes In A Bind” 8/11/17

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been over three weeks since I posted something new, but I have been away and had been doing other things. I finally worked on a new piece which is a Painting. I was inspired to do something based on a Andy Warhol Documentary I saw on HBO a few days ago called “Brillo 3 Cents Off”. The Painting does not relate to that, but I felt like doing something , but I wanted to do a Painting over printing something as I can lay out my idea more quickly while it is still fresh in my mind. It is abstract form of a Caduceus that you usually see near Hospitals. I painted the red and silver ( the brightness of the silver gives it a white look) first, then I painted the negative spaces remaining with purple along the outside then a yellow-orange color around the center of the painting. The shape of yellow-organs give it a Heart-shaped look to it connecting the Medical theme that I mentioned earlier. The Painting is 20″ x 16″ and  was done with Acrylic Paint like my previous one,  which can be viewed on the same pages as well. So I hope you enjoy this piece as I do not know when I will be posting again.


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