“Man In The Moon” 7/20/17

I just added some variations of a new piece on my Relief Work page here and on my Instagram page. The pieces are 9″ x 6″. I did various variations of the same piece to try different inking techniques. With the Colored In I covered it with the Purple first, then wiped the areas where the Moon and Stars were and covered it with Gray Ink. With the Blend In it was almost the same as the Colored In except I did not wipe any Ink off I just placed the Gray on top of the Purple to give it that look. With the Gray and Purple-Gray those were just one color. So I hope this gives you a better insight on how I completed this piece and try the various process. The two color variations were more difficult to do, but a more rewarding process. So this I probably going to it for awhile and might not post anything new again till at least next month. Till then enjoy.


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