“Argyle Arrangements” 7/12/17

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted something new and it might be awhile again till I do so again. The posting of these pieces took a while, but they are finally upon my Instagram page as well as here on the Website under the Relief Work Page. They are all 9″ x 12″, however, the Stage pieces were done on Watercolor Paper, whereas the Experimental Pieces were done on Unbleached Mulberry Paper, which is much thinner paper than the Watercolor Paper, which is thicker. I was experimenting first to see how the block pattern first with Black, then I did Orange, then I did a blend (which was Yellow and Turquoise, which gave the different variations of Dark and Light Greens.) I also did a few overlap pieces to dive how they would come out. So I put the five different variations up and I hope you will enjoy them all as much as I did when creating them .


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