“Royal Flush” 4/11/17

Just did another Relief Print which has two versions (Silver and Color). They are both 9″ x 12″. This piece was a learning process for me in that it was very complicated to do pieces with three colors over two as you need to be careful with not smearing the colors together. It is definitely more easier to do so with two colors than with three. If I were to do more colors I would rather do it with a bigger size lino-block than with a smaller room as more surface area to work with and the less likely of color blurring together. Plus I was using a lino-block which was double sided (that is a block that in not mounted to a block of wood as to the smaller pieces that I did such as the Hummingbird and the Rose I did the last few weeks.  This knowledge I have picked up from this project I will use when considering doing another project in the future. Besides the Website on the Relief Work Page you can also view the pieces on my Instagram page. I only seven posts away from having a 100 posts on my Instagram page. So I hope you enjoy these pieces of work.


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